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Luxurious Stays

Naturally Elegant

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a company, one of our stays are definitely tailored for your needs. All tents and cottages are equipped with the necessary amenities, and the decor simply speaks for itself. Check out our tents and cottages below.

Cottages in day

Deluxe Cottages - Pench

Your Journey, Your Home

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, our cottages at Pench are designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable, and fun experience. Our Cottages provide guests with the privacy, comfort, and flexibility they need. This is an ideal option for friends or families. These cottages offer one master bedroom with an attached bathroom along with a dressing room and a verandah.

There are 12 such cottages on our premises.

Cottage Features:

- Washroom
- A/C

- Lush Green Corridor

Deluxe Rooms - Kanha

Elegance and Comfort

The Deluxe rooms at Kanha are designed with your needs in mind. Comfortable and with a bit of personality, each one of our rooms are tuned to make your stay easy and fun. There are 4 deluxe cottages on our premises.

Deluxe Cottage Features:

- Super-sized room & bath

- A/C

- Splash Pool

- Sofa Sets

- Changing Room

- Mini Fridge

- Writing Table

deluxe cottages.jpeg
mud house room.jpeg

Mud Cottages - Kanha

Artfully Crafted

A super-sized mud room, bathroom, & sethi with a window view is all the naturalist in you needs to feel closer to your roots

Add to that an open splash pool, air conditioned rooms, and rooms that are hand made from real mud, that are cooler by 5 degrees in summers, and warmer in winters, all of which is bound to give you the authentic experience of the traditional vintage Indian architecture.

Mud Cottage Features:

- Super-sized room & bath

- A/C

- Open Splash Pool

- Sethi

- Writing Table

Standard Rooms - Kanha

Simply for You

As simple and sober as it gets.

Air-cooled rooms for those fresh wild vibes that marinate your soul to the tunes of Kanha.

standard room.jpeg

Experience excellence when you choose to stay at Raanvara Tiger Resorts on your next trip.

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